The knife is a cutting tool, which consists of at least two parts, which are blade and handle. The knife itself is one of the most important tools in the history of humanity.

Back in the days the knife has been used as a tool as well as a weapon. Throughout the past few hundred years it also emerged as a piece of art, has been used for some kind of rituals and once it has been used as a currency too. From the 18th century in many cultures it raised as a part of the modern cutlery. The knife is one of a very few objects, which can be found in every culture across the world.

The construction itself has never been touched that much throughout the course of time. That doesn’t mean that nothing has been changed though. Materials, the kind of blade and handle for example were different in every region and area.

By reading this you may find yourself struggling with picking the perfect kind of knife, which matches your type of use. First of all, you should know if you prefer fixed blades or folding knives. After that you should bring the kind of usage into question. Here are a few examples:

For any kind of pulling movement you should go for a carambit knife, for the simple reason that the curved blade supports this very well.

If the knife should be ready to use just in time like in case of an emergency, a rescue knife with a spring assisted blade, a belt cutter and a glass breaker should be your first pick.

One more very important criteria should be the law in your specific country. In Germany for example some types of knives are declared as a weapon. Please keep this in mind before buying one.

After all, for sure there are differences in the kind of steel, handle material or mechanism. It may be hard to pick the perfect one, but we are sure that you will find one in our big product range for more than 1000 knives.

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