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The famous sword of the samurai warriors, the katana, has been evolved at the end of the 14th century. In the past hundred years it didn’t change at all. One of the reasons why people are still fascinated by the katana these days is surely that fact, that it is surrounded by myths and legends.  Treated with care and passion by the samurais, some of these blades survived to this day and sell at astronomical prices.

Because of government regulations a smith is only allowed to make a few pieces per year. The Japanese government also regulates the export, especially the export of historical blades. However, there are now some blacksmiths outside of Japan, who continue to let the legend Katana live on with Japanese technique and tradition. These pieces are close to the originals, some are based on historical models and are available at affordable prices. Almost all variants and characteristics are therefore to be obtained true to the original.

So you can now easily participate in the myth of the Samurai sword, its perfect manufacturing, beauty and fascination.

Our Topsellers in Asian Swords
Maintenance Kit
Item No.: 51509

Expected date of delivery: week 26/2022
Bokken Daito (Katana)
Item No.: 84509

Expected date of delivery: week 9/2022
Ninja Sword
Item No.: 83502
Commando Sword
Item No.: 40984
Bokken Daito (Katana)
Item No.: 30600

Expected date of delivery: week 22/2022
John Lee Dragon Katana
Item No.: 85700

Expected date of delivery: week 5/2022
Bokken Daito
Item No.: 30909

Expected date of delivery: week 9/2022
Katana White Dragon
Item No.: 83469

Expected date of delivery: week 26/2022
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