BlackField Pepper Spray FOG 40ml (20-Part)

Black Pepper FOG 40ml with nebuliser spray head This product contains 11% OC, the highly concentrated, natural pepper concentrate Oleoresin Capsicum. This means a technical KO for even the most aggressive of hounds. Protect yourself when you’re walking, jogging or shopping with Black Pepper. The 40 ml of spray is enough for several spray attacks. Black Pepper is also just as effective against dangerous and/or violent people.

In Switzerland, Austria and the USA, this product is officially permitted for use against people. In Germany only the police may currently use the product. However, you still retain a personal right to self-defence in justified cases. The ingredients of Black Pepper are environmentally harmless and biodegradable. The active pepper ingredient is also used in very hot dishes – albeit in a strongly diluted form. But you’d better watch out if the proportion is as high as it is in Black Pepper!

GTIN: 4017777044942
Item No.: 10082
Availability: not in stock
Expected date of delivery: week 14/2023
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